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2018 Finalists & Winners

The films are listed below in winning order proceeded by alphabetical order.


I Am The Only One

Best in Show

Aicha Cherif

Inclusion On the Air

Best Screenplay

Eli Canter


Compos Mentis

Best Edit

Eli Harrell


They Will

Best Cinematography
Morgan White

Grant’s Pants

Best Audience Reception

Adam Kaplan


Alyce Rogers



Abe Kaye



Armin Mahmoudi

Family Recipes

Eli Worth


Gabe Braden


Last Night 

Oliver Devaney

Love Trumps Hate

Porter Reyes

Not So Boring

Ben Jenkins


Ready or Not

Arabella Walley

The Bag

Nick Baum

The Language of Smiles

Hope Santomero


Tick Tock Drip Drop

Eli Worth

Weight of the Whale on Her Shoulders  

Lola Kenet

The films listed above were screened at the 2018 NYCTFF.

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